Monday, August 17, 2009

Insurance Company Raises Dividend

No, not Chubb: Cincinnati Financial. It's kept its spot in the Dividend Aristocrats list by raising its quarterly dividend 0.5 cents to 39.5 cents.

Interestingly, the stock yields more than Chubb: 6.38% versis Chubb's 2.93%. Having not been the beneficiary of a recent earnings release with a positive surprise, Cincinnati's been trundling along in a range for almost a month. Perhaps it's because Cincinnati's 10-year return on equity has been in the single digits, while Chubb's is confortably in the double digits.

As a point of thought: Cincinnati's free cash flow per share, as measured by GuruFocus, has been at least double its dividend disbursements for the last ten years. That span includes disaster-laden years 2001 and 2005, neither of which saw Cincinnati pushed into a loss. At a first glance, the dividend looks safe.


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