Friday, July 31, 2009

Compass Minerals Leaps Up On Upgrade

Compass Minerals closed up 5.22% today, on the strength of an upgrade from J.P Morgan. That was the same stock I analyzed night before last. I concluded that it was a speculative low P/E growth stock that could be attractive if the winter weather co-operates and farmers become more prosperous.

It would take a bit of brass on my part to say that I influenced that report. It would also be somewhat improbable, as professional-level research reports usually aren't whipped up over a day and a night. This summary of it shows an attention to the details of the company and its markets that I can't really muster.

So, even if I did have an influence, I have to concede that I was definitely bettered by analysts' standards.

On the other hand, I can brag about my timing. That's one advantage to being in the amateur league: I can put 'em out quicker.

Disclosure: Despite its speculative nature, I did put Compass in the actively-managed Marketocracy mock fund I run. I'm one of those who think that the winter weather will be bad and earnings on the farm will be good.

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